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Meg Chaney


Our study on Gideon (by Pricilla Shirer) has been talking a lot about calling. Gideon heard a distinct calling from God, but then kept doubting it. He asked God to prove it to Him, time and again. And God, in His extreme patience did so. I'm so thankful that God shows that same patience to me as well! Sometimes callings come so crystal clear. You're young, excited, full of energy. But then time passes, that calling doesn't come quite so easy. You're meant with trials, setbacks, years go by, and you wonder just what happend? Did you mishear the Lord all together? Have you ever experienced this?

I have. 

 I've lived in the excitement stage, but also the long stage of wiating, of holding back, of honing a craft. Of putting certain dreams on the back burner because now doesn't seem right. 

But then, it occurred to me, that now may be the perfect time for waiting. Waiting doens't have to mean sitting by the sidelines. Waiting can be proactive. Waiting can be time in scripture, time in prayer, time spent journaling. Waiting can mean studying, taking classes, learning how to improve upon the very gifts God has given me.

Waiting doens't have to be a season of feeling sorry for myself, feeling like I'm without a purpose. Waiting seasons don't have to be seasons of floundering. Waiting doesn't have to mean I feel stuck and discouraged.

A season of waiting could be exactly what we need for growth. 

Growth and dependence on the very one who gave us that calling. 

I've been making lists lately, crafting ideas, dreaming up new ways to grow, right where I am. I'm determined to find joy, right within this beautiful season. And I'm suddenlty so excited. So excited for what I may learn, how I may change. How God will use this season. 

So here we go season of waiting. What lesson do you have for me?