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Meg Chaney

This election is the first major election my daughter has been interested in. This will be the first major election ingraned in her memory, the first President she remembers taking the oath of office, and the first time voting, the electoral college, politics in general, has come up in a school setting. Yesterday, she came home with her Scholatic newsletter for the week. In it was a simplified version of how voting works, along with the main two presidential candidates.  My daughter earnestly asked me, "did I circle the right one, Mama? Is that the one you voted for?" She also informed me that Tuesday was election day, and that we needed to tune into the news that evening for results. 

In her world, this election is a big deal.  To me, it's a subject I've been avoiding.  I'm, honestly, not that excited about this election. Yes, I voted, but I didn't really feel like talking about it much. It's diefnitely not something I've wanted to debate on social media. 

But then, my sweet girl reminded me of the incredible rigth that I have to vote. She reminded me of the tender hearts of this young generation. Young ones who are watching this election with wide eyes, soaking it in, learning from example. 

Just what are we teaching our children? Are we speaking respectfully, even when we disagree? Are we raising up young ones that understand just how privildged they are, just how amazing it is to live in this country? What ground work is being laid today, and everday? Just what kind of world are these little ones coming into?

My daughter's words were such a good wake up call for me. I want her to grow up intelligent, informed, independent, standing up for what she believes to be good and right and true. 

And the best way to do that? It isn't avoiding the subject, but instead living these things out by example. She's so much more aware than I give her credit for. She's hearing and seeing so much, and it's sinking into her soul. I want her to grow up in a world that she has a say, but I also want her to know that Jesus, the King of all Kings, will always be in control. Earthly leaders will come and go, but He will always remain the same, Amen?