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That First Step


  I don't always understand why things happen. In fact, I'm often baffled by God's plans. I can't see the full picture, what might or might not be down the road. But I can see what's in front of me right now. Often, all God asks of me is that first step. That first step into the unknown.

When the Israelites took that first step into the Jordan river, they didn't know what would happen. They must have wondered how they could ever possibly cross the swollen river. But they took the first step of obedience. And then something amazing happened. I know I mentioned this same portion of scripture last week. When the Israelites stepped into the Jordan, the waters parted. A pathway was cleared. The entire Israelite nation crossed on dry land. What a magnificent site that would have been! They obeyed, and God provided in an amazing way (See Joshua 3:15-17).

I dont' know what the future will hold for my family. So much depends on where the military will send us in future years, what types of jobs my husband and I will hold, and the kind of friends we'll have along the way. I don't know what other children may or may not be in our future. I know what I'd like. I know what I long for. But I truly have to wait for God to provide. Taking life a step at a time is truly difficult. I'm the kind of girl who can't help but skip to the end of a new book, I like to know what's going to happen! I don't like surprises. But, for now, I feel like God is asking me to simply take that first step, and then wait. Stand with my right foot in the Jordan, and watch for His hand to move. Whatever may be in our future, children, career and otherwise, I'm sure it's far more wonderful than I could even fathom. I trust that He will provide, in His own timing and way.