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Mirror Image


This little girl of mine.

My tow head loves to read. She'll sit for ages with a pile of books in hand, turning pages and making up a story as she goes along. She's so proud of her vocabulary, and loves to point out animals, colors and things that she recognizes. When she realizes that we understood her words, a big grin will usually spread across her face. She loves the outdoors. I really think she would live outside if she could. I've learned not to mention excursions until we're actually ready to leave, because she immediately heads for the hills when given the chance. My girl loves hard. She loves her family and her friends with an already fierce love. I hope this love will last for life, although I wonder at times how this military will influence these bonds. My girl also has a temper. A temper that flares up when she doesn't get her way, when the world isn't right, or when something doesn't happen fast enough.

This description sounds eerily like someone I know: Me. This little girl is my mirror image. The very traits, strengths and weaknesses, that I watch in my own life are present in hers as well. The headstrong book lover who steadfastly loves her friends and family. The girl who would live outside if she could. The girl who never gives up, and loves those around her fiercely. That would be me.

What a challenge I've been given, to raise up the next generation. I'm finding, day by day, just how hard this is. As my daughter becomes more fierce in her determination, I have to become more fierce in my love. My love for her, for what is right and true, and for our God up above. Some days are so hard. Toddler temper tantrums can send my who outlook in downward spiral. I honestly haven't been handling such moments all to well. But I want to do better. God has placed this little girl in my life. It appears that He's given her an equally strong personality, one that I'll have to depend on Him to curb. I know that my daughter has good things in front of her, sometimes it's hard to see even that far, though. There's so much life still in front of her. But for now, a day at a time is enough. A day of tantrums, cuddles, learning and growing is all that we need. A day at a time. A moment at a time. A time when I learn to depend on my savior for child-rearing wisdom.

What verses to you turn to for child-rearing wisdom?