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Thankful for...


 "I always thank my God for you because of God’s grace given to you in Christ Jesus, that by Him you were enriched in everything—in all speech and all knowledge"  (1 Corinthians 1: 4-5, HCSB).

I wrote a whole series on Thankfulness last Novemeber. It truly wasn't hard to come up with a long list of things to write about! This year, my pen has been in other areas, but I think it's appropriate to return to the topic of thanksgiving for this week. Last year, we spent Thanksgiving with the hubby overseas. E and I travelled south, to visit the in-laws. It was truly a wonderful time, but I couldn't defintiely tell that a certain person was missing. Still, I found much to be thankful for. Family that has grafted me into their famiy tree. Wonderful food to eat. Cousins for little E to play with. Memories that were still be made. Yes, even in a time of loneliness, there were still things to be thankful for.

As I write tonight, it's bedtime in the Chaney house. I can hear my husband & little girl upstairs, doing the normal bedtime routine. E has been in an "independant" mood lately. She insists on reading stories to herself, while hubby reads another one along side her. It's pretty funny to listen to. As I listen through the monitor, I'm reminded of just what a wonderful father my little girl has! He's so patient with her, so loving, but also, so firm. He definitely reigns in her stubborn tempermant. He truly was created to be her Papa. Such an amazing evolution has taken place. Before she was born my hubby had little expeirence with kiddos. He was always nice to them, he'd just never had to take care of them much. Parenting was truly a crash course in child-rearing (for both of us!). I've seen Him grow and change so much. When E was a baby it was mostly just about her physical needs. Now, it's about loving her, spending time with her, teaching her right from wrong, forming her character into the woman of God she'll one day be. Well done, dear hubby! You're doing an amazing job. I couldn't be more thankful to stand by your side through the process. And so, my thankfulness post of for this Tueseday is about you, and the wondeful father you've become! Thank you for being you!