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Thankful for...


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm post-dating this post for all of you. I'm sure on Thanksgiving day I'll be far to distracted to sit down and write. My parents are coming into town, which I'm so excited about! It's been a few months since we've all been together. It will be wonderful to spend a week with them, playing with little E, eating a lot of amazing food, and staying up late talking and playing board games. I'm also looking forward to some early morning Black Friday shopping with my momma! Good times!

I've been planning our Thanksgiving feast for a few weeks now. The hubby and I will be perfecting our smoked Turkey (brined the night before and slow cooked over charcoal). It was amazing the year before last, so I'm sure it will only be better the second time around. We also have plans for Parker House Rolls, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Brussel Sprouts, Rice Dressing (for my Southern Hubby), Roasted Root Vegetables, and Cranberry Apple Cobbler for dessert. It should be quite the feast. We always make way to much food, ha! At least I won't have to plan meals for a few days following :)

And I'm rambling on. I'm just so excited to share some news with you today. I have one more thing I'm truly thankful for today. Something I've been bursting at the seams to share with you all:



Baby #2 is due to arrive in early June! Truly a reason to be thankful :)