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My world


"Rejoice always!" (1 Thessalonians 5:16, HCSB)

Welcome to my world. If you walked into my house today you'd see an empty box sitting by the front door. We got a package a few days ago, and my daughter has been playing with it ever since. There'd be dishes in the sink, the washing machine would probably be running, and I'm sure there'd be dust on most surfaces. I would happily invite you into my slightly messy house and offer you a cup of coffee or a freshly brewed cup of tea from my red teapot. My daughter would want to show you her room, messy with books, clothes and baby dolls. She'd probably ask you to read a book or play Leggos with her for a bit. We'd settle down and have a talk, in the midst of chaos, because this is my beautiful, crazy life. Welcome in.

I would tell you that I've been a little overwhelmed lately, a little stressed. The kiddos are leaving me oh so tired by the end of each day. I would tell you that it often takes me days to get the simplest of chores down. How I'm trying to re-prioritize, re-organize my life once again. Babies have constantly changing schedules, I have to constantly adapt and change the way we live our lives, while keeping a sense of order.

I would tell you how thankful I am for you, as my friend.

God is slowly teaching me that friendships come from all types of places. Distance plays no factor. Appearance or age has little to do with it. In our world wandering, we find the people God had planned for us. I often call these people my "coffee shop" friends. We may be so different, but our souls meet over a cup of coffee. Different backgrounds collide as we share our faith in Jesus with one another. Encouragement and love can be found in such moments. A meeting of the spirits, kindred spirits.

So can I remind you that you're valued today?  You, wife who has watched her husband fight a war overseas. You, mother who rocks her baby late at night. You, friend who initiates relationships after each new move. You, reader, who comes to this blog and reads my words. Whatever place you're in, you're valued, you're loved.

I used to have trouble opening up. Broken relationships and a hurt heart caused me to button up, to not easily let friends in. I'm sure this caused me to miss out on some great relationships. My fear of rejection, my fear of hurt, has kept me back from many things.
But slowly, God has done a work on me. My heart is still incredibly tender, but I'm starting to open up. Starting to let the world, to let all of you in.
Because even an introvert knows that we're not supposed to live this life on our own. We need companionship. We desire company (even in small doses).
So, today I'm thankful for you, in this blogging world, and how you stumbled across my blog. Can we be friends? Can I feel free to share my heart with you? Because this blog is nothing but honest. I hope, in my realistic retelling of life's ups and downs, that you can be encouraged. Encouraged in the fact that you're not alone. We're all in this race together, figuring out how to be a wife, a mother, a friend.

God is teaching me some lessons during these military years. Lessons on dependence, faith, patience, and friendship. He's teaching me how to love a little more freely, how to seek out people to minister to.

And now, I've rambled for far too long, without really talking about the verse up above. My goal for today was to encourage you. To let you know where I'm coming from. Because I love sharing. I love writing. It is my passion. Sometimes I, honestly, get annoyed that I can't do it more. Life, it's responsibilities, it's distractions, gets in the way.
And so, I'm trying to re-prioritize so that I can meet with you a little more. Sip coffee with you more often. Share my heart with you, so that you know you aren't alone on this road. Encourage you to stand firm.

How can I pray for you today, friend?