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The Hidden Blessing of Solitude


I love having my husband at home. We talk, watch British Comedies, and play games together. We take walks, enjoy the outdoors, and dream about the future. I truly enjoy his company. Just the same, I always learn something when he’s gone. I always learn something when I’m alone, late at night in an empty house, with creaky walls and dark hallways. God always seems to teach me something in the quiet.

In my devotions today I was reminded that even Jesus sought out solitary spots from time to time (see John 6:15;Mark 1:35; Luke 4:42). They were places he went to pray and seek the face of God.

For me, solitary places are times when I learn to depend on God. They’re the times when I’m reminded that I am safe and sound in the arms of Jesus. They’re the times when I’m reminded that God is truly all I need to survive. I don’t need anyone or anything else. They’re the times when I move my focus away from earthly things and back to the face of God, where it belongs.

No, I don’t always enjoy be alone. Cooking for one can be tedious, and the bed can get really cold at night without someone beside me, just the same, I’m starting to learn that God is ready and willing to speak to me in these moments of solitude, if only I shut off my brain and open my heart.
What about you? What does God teach you in moments of solitude?

Lord, thank you for comforting me through the lonely times and for reminding me that you are my true refuge and strength (Psalm 46).