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Letting God and Letting God


I was recently reminded of how wonderful it is to Let Go and Let God be in control. As a perfectionist I like to have life in a neat little box. I don’t like any unknowns. Instead, I try my best to be in the middle of things. If I don’t know about something I read up on it until I do. This leads to a lot of uncertainty in my life when it comes to things that just can’t be answered. And what do I do when I’m uncertain? I worry. I worry about the child growing inside of me. I worry about my husband, flying high above in an airplane. I worry about my parents, living far across the country. I worry about these things because I can’t control them. I’m not sure I’ve truly ever realized that before. For as long as I can remember worrying has been a vice of mine. But I’m not sure I’ve ever connected it with a control issue. But it’s true. If it’s out of my control or knowledge, I worry.

But how do I handle this? As each of us know, there are millions of unknowns in this world. We never know if our babies will be delivered safely, if our children will do well in school, or if our husband will come home from a tdy or deployment. We can’t guarantee any of these things.

One of my blogger friends made a beautiful comparison to her little girl holding on to the playground bars, yelling for help, afraid to let go. My friend called to her, telling her to “let go,” and the little girl did. She trusted that her mamma knew best, and that she would land safely on the ground. What a beautiful image of our walk with Christ.

At times, we’re not sure where the ground is, or what will happen when we land, just the same God is calling us to “Let Go” and trust that He really does know best. He can see the ground better than we can. He is the one in control of the outcome, not us. And so he tells us to let go of our anxieties and trust that he will help us land safely. The key being that we have to let go and let Him take control.

Has God ever asked you to let go of a situation? Did you fight it? How did it feel when you finally released it to Him?

Lord Jesus, help me to let go of my tendency to control situations, and my tendency to worry when I can’t. Help me to let God and let you take control.