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Why Do I Write?


I’ve been inspired by some letters between friends. They’ve been talking about the power of words, and why we even write in the first place.
Why do I write? I wondered, as I read their letters. Why do I spend my days in front of a computer, typing out words into a document and then posting them online?
It’s not always easy. Sometimes it takes several days for me to come up with something to say. Yesterday was one of those days. I wrote and rewrote something, only to end up not posting it the end.
So why do I keep writing?
If it’s simply to fill time, then I have better things to do. If it’s simply to avoid housework, then I better get off this computer right now. I don’t want my writing to be an addiction. I want my writing to be part of my calling.
I feel as if there’s an innate part of me that can’t help but write. God speaks to me so often through words. It may be through the Bible, through the words of a friend, or through the words I write down on the page.
Writing is how I worship Him. It’s how I keep my heart in the right place.
Writing is a part of who I am.

With a humbled heart I must admit that I don’t always turn to God before I write. I don’t always bow my head in prayer and ask Him for the words to say. The blog I read today reminded me of that:

“If He ever says “no” then that’s the day I’ll have to put down my pen. Because I know:
I am the servant and not the source.
This is what gives me the courage to write.
We don’t have to come up with words.
We only have to ask for them and be willing to share them—to face the fear and put them on the table” (Holley Gerth)

What an excellent reminder.
The words really aren’t up to me. They’re God’s, they always have been. He’s the reason I have the ability to write. He’s given me eyes to see and fingers to type with. He’s given me a brain to function with. He’s given me the words to say.

Why do I have this blog? Because I want to share my struggles and experiences as a military wife. It’s not an easy life, but it’s the life God has called me to. He’s called me to be a military spouse, a homemaker, a mother, a writer. And he’s given me the desire to chronicle those experiences and struggles. If one day that desire is gone, this blog will stop. But until then, I welcome you to follow along on my journey. It’s quite an amazing one. It’s full of everyday struggles and experiences. It’s the story of a girl trying to become more like her Savior. It’s the story of my life.