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100 Joys-Christmas Edition


I'm a week late, but I really want to participate in Sarah Markley's 100 Joys-Christmas Edition.

Last week was a bit rough. After Thanksgiving our company left and the house felt so empty and quiet. My little one had a shot, leaving her rather cranky for a couple of days. In general,  I just felt down in the dumps and under attack. When I looked at our quickly-filling calendar, I felt completely overwhelmed. That's partly why I think this search for joy will be so good for me. With the addition of a little one in our family, our lives have changed so drastically this past year. This Christmas season could go by in a blur if I let it. But I don't want it to. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I want to get the most out of it. So I hope you enjoy the journey I'll be taking in the next few weeks to find 100 things to be joyful about.

Here goes.
1) This morning I was at the grocery store, buying groceries with my little, screaming daughter when I passed a stand of poinsettias. I had to buy one to grace our house. There's just something about walking into our living room and seeing it on the table that lightens my heart.

2) I love building family traditions. Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments from my childhood, from trips my husband and I have taken, and from each of our Christmases together. We pick out a new one to grace the tree each year:). Decorating the tree is a big trip down memory lane. What is more joyful that that?

3) For years my grandma has  collected a ceramic Christmas village. This year I set it up in my house for the very first time!

4) I love Christmas pajamas! My little girl has several pairs:)

5) My daughter's first Christmas. What a precious thing!

6) This morning my little girl was fussy and just wanted to cuddle with her mommy. I didn't enjoy her fussiness, but I do love feeling needed.

7) I love coffee-dates with my husband. We've started having them every Sunday before church. So special!

8) Spending time decorating Christmas cookies with friends brings joy to my heart.

That's all for now. What can you find joy in this Christmas season?