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Frozen Four

Meg Chaney


She's been singing the songs for months now. Or has it almost been a year?  "Let it Go" solos are a certainty in our world. She swooshes her hands through the year, towel for a cape, funny hat with a blond braid hanging behind her, Elsa doll in hand.
 "Mama, one more time, sing your part." I'm Anna to her Elsa. The one who searches. The one who eventually saves the day with her act of true love.  

She's even told other kids at school that her name is Elsa. 

She loves her world of pretend so much. 

I told her I'll be Anna, as long as Papa can be my Kristoff.  

And so we pretend. Day after day. Each night, I tell her a story about Elsa and Anna. Sometimes straight from the movie, sometimes completely made up. 

There's just something about that story that captivates her. Something that speaks to her four year old heart. 

Little kids are fascinating like that. 

They live in such a beautiful world of make-believe. 

The stories, the songs, they create, and they never really seem to tire of it.

How the fascination can go on week after week, I'm really not sure.  

Why they don't get tired of it, like we do as adults, I'm not sure.

Perhaps there's something about that world of make believe that speaks to their hearts. Perhaps it's a wonderous way that God encourages their little minds to grow, expand, dream a hundred thousand dreams.  

I do know that four is a wonderous time of growth for a child. They're learning letters, numbers, colors, and how to use their imaginations. 

And their learning the wonderous gift of story. 

Oh how I hope my girl always has a love of story, of dream, of imagination. 

Who knows where such an imagination will take her someday. 

But for right now, she's four, and I love her silly ways.  

I know that one day soon, I'll look around, and realize she's not pretending to be Elsa anymore. 

And my heart will hurt a little bit. 

Over the years she's been fascinated with different books, different toys, or even done silly things in public that only little ones would do. A few weeks ago we were standing in the middle of a store, watching a televison where Frozen was playing. When her special song came on, she belted out the lyrics for all to hear.




And I loved it. I loved being Mama to this girl. 

Because for every terribly hard moment, there are cherished ones as well. For every day that feels like it will never end, for the moments when my introvert bubble feels like it will explode from lack of personal space, from lack of "me time", there are a million precious moments. Moment when I'm reminded that children are amazing, a blessing, and I wouldn't change this "boring" life of mine for anything. They're mind in all their craziness, all their silliness, all their good and bad moments.  

This little world of make believe that young children live in will pass soon enough. For right now, I choose to celebrate it. Celebrate their fascination with song, with story, with make-believe. Celebrate, and encourage her active brain, so that one day she loves books and old classic movies as much as I do.  

And when she graduates from high school someday, I definitely have some good "Elsa Solos" to share with the class :)