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Cherish it up

Meg Chaney

My mother often tells me how fleeting the years are. That she enjoyed each age as we were growing up, but often wishes she could go back and cherish those moments even more. 

I try to take her words to heart. I mull over them often, asking myself how I can make the most of today. Honestly, there are times that I really struggle to enjoy my children. Discipling can be rough. Making decisions can be rough. There are days when we're all grumpy and out of sorts. Days that we don't necessarily enjoy each other all that much. 

But there's still things to be thankful for, still moments to store up in our hearts. 

Our lives have changed so much from one Autumn to the next. Last Autumn, we had a tiny baby in the house. My girl started preschool, mostly so that Mama could get some rest, get the house in order, and run errands with only one child in tow. This Fall, we have an active toddler getting into everything and a growing Preschooler who is almost reading!

While some days are still really hard, it's hard to deny the blessings woven through the tapestry of it all. 

I want to take snapshots of it all, store up the moments in my heart, so that I can remember them in the years to come. 


  • My girl with her sweet little voice, asking me to play the Anna to her Queen Elsa, towel robe draped over her shoulders as she belts out "Let it Go."
  • My little guy, obsessed with anything on wheels, scaling furniture and getting into all sorts of mischief, or busily playing with the legos and trains. 
  • My girl saying that she "had too many hands" (her hands were full), or that the sky was waking up, or telling her friends about "her baby" (her little brother) or that Jesus (and her best little friend) were in her heart.  
  • My boy, who still tucks his head on my shoulder and wants someone to lay next to him while he falls asleep at night. My boy, who still laughs hardest at his big sister and Papa. 

Friends, I've been in some of those valleys, those times that looked bleak, without joy or life. I've felt the darkness and hopelessness start to creep in. But I truly know that it's not how we're supposed to live. No, God gave us such beautiful blessings in this life. Breathe them in, even in the tough times. Take that walk to enjoy the Autumn hues, hug your babies, crank up the worship music a little louder, take those naps with your newborn, relish that baby scent. Enjoy today with your loved ones, because we truly don't know how many tomorrows we have. God has given us today to live. And so, I'm going to live it. Yes, it may have tears in it. Yes, Mama might still break down at times, but I'll do my best to love my kiddos, because they'll only be this exact age on this exact day once. And that means the bad days and the good days can only happen once, right?

This is the day that the Lord has made. What can you cherish up today?