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Plans and Places

Meg Chaney

For I have known the thoughts I am thinking towards you—an affirmation of Jehovah; thoughts of peace, not of evil, to give you posterity and hope.
— Jerimiah 29:11, YLT

A new look will be showing up on the blog this week, I'm so excited! I hope you all enjoy it. And, if you follow me through a blog reader, hop on over to the actual site to see the difference! (It takes up to 72 hours for the changes to occur, so we'll see when that happens.).

With this new look, I should have the ability to update posts and add photos right from my phone. It was a tricky move, but I'm so excited to see what Squarespace 6 has to offer!

How are all of you this week?

Last week was definitely a hard week around here, but this whole season with little ones at home has been hard. I truly felt like I got a chance to breathe over the weekend. Weekends are definitely my favorite when the hubby is home, and the hardest when he's far away! I love the chance to relax, eat a big breakfast, and explore this part of our little world.

Going on weekend adventures is one of the  things we love about this military life. We've gotten to see so many beautiful places, all because the military transplanted us somewhere new.

It's hard not having much control over where we'll be sent next, or when. We always make suggestions, but that's all they are, suggestions. At times, we get so caught up in the control that the military seems to have over us. We forget that there's always One whose control is greater. Yes, paperwork may say one place or another, but I truly believe that God's hand can control the direction.

Jeremiah 29:11 continues to be on my heart. Last week, those plans centered around my children, today, my heart is thinking about future places we may live. But the same verse still rings true. God has a plan. As I look at past assignments, and even where we are now, I see God's hand at work. He's blessed us with good churches and good friends over the years. Even now, I adore our church family, look forward to my Ladies Bible study group each week, and am so thankful for our little rental house. 

There are definitely places I'd love to live during these military years, and others, not so much. As a planner, i like to know whats going to happen ahead of time. I like to get everything in order. But, military life doesn't play out like that. Sometimes, we go exactly where we don't want to go. And that's where God's purpose comes in. If I believe that God is really in control, and that His plans truly are good, then I just have to trust, even when I don't understand. I have to walk forward, following my husband and his career, and trusting that God will provide for us through it all. It's a hard thing to do. It involves a lot of trust in the unknowns (when I'd rather have all the answers in place). Sometimes, we wait, other times we walk forward and see what's up ahead on the next adventure. Right now, our family is in a waiting period. We're not going anywhere, but just wondering what our next adventure might be. It's a good place to be, surrendering, and waiting.

Where are you at today? Do you have anything or any plans you need to surrender? Can you see God's hand at work, or are you in a season of just having to trust in the unknowns?