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A Cup of Tea


Would you like to sit and have a cup of tea (or coffee) with me this morning?

How has your morning been?

Has it been a good one, or has it been filled with stress and frustration?

Have you spent time with your Savior yet today?

There’s nothing that starts my day out better then a warm cup of tea. It makes me warm inside and helps me to set my heart at peace. That cup of tea reminds me that now, when my daughter is napping, is the perfect time to spend  with my Savior. That tea forces me to slow down for a few minutes and direct my eyes up above.

So pour yourself a cup. Close your eyes for just a moment. And breathe deeply.

Tell your Savior exactly what’s on your mind. And release it all into His hands.

"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10 a, NIV).