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The Proving (A Review)

Meg Chaney


Don't you love Beverly Lewis? Her stories of Amish life always fascinate me. Each story is so different. It amazes me that she can still create such interesting plot lines. I read The Proving as part of the Bethany House Bloggers Program. They give copies of the books in exchange for our honest reviews. Selecting a Beverly Lewis book was a no brainer for me. What, and excuse to read one of my beloved authors? Sure! There is always a bit of a risk involved. I would hate to give a favorite author any less than a stellar review, but I also always desire to be honest and forthright. This book did not disappoint. 

One thing I love about Beverly Lewis is her authentic people. You really delve down into the deep with them. Mandy Dienner has not had it easy. Years before, she left behind her Amish life to live in the outside world. This sudden leaving was brought on by a betrayal, a betrayal and angry words that seemed to leave her with no other choice than to leave. When she comes back, it's for sad reasons, sad reasons and a challenge: Live at and manage her family's Bed & Breakfast for 1 year, and then it will belong to her. This is easier said than done. The Amish community in the area doesn't look kindly on a former-Amish Inn Keeper. They see her as a betrayer, an outsider, and interloper. These Amish neighbors were the very people she was once close too. Now Mandy is at odds with them all. Redemption doesn't come over night. The battles are inward, and they go on for most of the story. 

The on going struggle is part of what I enjoyed about this story. The solution wasn't instant. Fences weren't just magically mended over night. But isn't that true to life? I was truly happy with the end of the story. It came up gradually. It seemed more realistic than fiction often can be. 

I hope you truly enjoy this latest installment from Beverly Lewis, I did! It's a nice book for a rainy Fall day, just brew a cup of coffee and start in!