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Meg Chaney

It's always been thrilling to own a blog. To know that I can share my heart on a tiny corner of that internet. At times, that reach has felt so endless and wide, at other times, that reach has felt so entirely small. I've always felt a pull to words, but sometimes, I still wonder, just how God will use this passion. At times, I can't help but write down the words tugging at my heart. There's no way to keep in. And then other seasons come. Seasons of defeat, seasons of busyness, or simply seasons of peace, where there's nothing to say. 

It's a struggle, feeling what seems to be an intense calling, but then not seeing that calling come to fruition in the ways I expect.

Does any of that make sense at all?

For years I've struggled with the balance of health, of family, of responsibliities-- cramming into any writing time that I have. I've never wanted my family to feel like an imposition. I've never wanted to live distracted.

And so I pull back, I pray, I focus, and I wait for the next words to come. I trust that this desire to write is for a specific reason. I remind myself that God is always working for the good, that He uses each season to teach us something new. 

I never want to forget my calling, but I also want to open myself up to the idea that a calling can take so many different forms. My neatly defined box may not be what God has for me in this season.

All those ramblings to say, I've misseed this place. Please, continue to hop on and check out my blog. I'm hoping to still pop on here and share my thoughts, my encouragement, especially now that my kiddos are back in school for the year. 

We're in this together, friends. 

Could you pray for me in this new season? I'd love to pray for you as well. Leave any requests below.

Be blessed.