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April: The Month of the Military Child

Meg Chaney

I wrote this earlier this month, but thought it was too important not to share. It's still April, so here you go!


Here's to my super heros! My little resilient souls who remind me time and again how to trust, how to live with excitement, how to love.

And here's to the Month of the Military Child. I'm so blessed to have two such kiddos to celebrate this April. I think I feel it all the more now that our daughter is school aged. With this move, we decided to place her in a public elementary school.  And what a great experience it's been! The location means that many military children also attend right along side her. Once a week, she's pulled out of class, or has a lunch date, with a military counselor. She gets a special time to talk and make crafts, and slowly learn what it truly means to be a military kid.  I love that from day one she's had this outlet. This trusted counselor. Admittingly, in kindgergarten, the talk may not be that deep, but I love that the resource is there. I know my girl talks excitedly about her lunch dates with Miss Brooke. She had and two other boys in her class have formed a nice little friendship, military kids experiencing life together. 

Today is an extra special day at my daughter's school. I know when she walked into her school this morning, the front steps where all decorated in purple, celebrating military kids everywhere. Her classmates wore purple today too. And I sit here crying, becasuse it's all so precious.

 May the Lord continue to grow and form your character through this military life. 

You are awesome Military Kids. 

And here's to the conselors and teachers that love on military kids each and every day. That make each move, each deployement season, go a little smoother. Thank you for the tremendous work you do each day for our military kids. You are superheros.