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Treasured Grace: A review

Meg Chaney

Hello friends,

This week I have a book review for you, Treasured Grace by Tracey Peterson.

To start, the premise of this book fascinated me. Grace marries, not for love, but to provide for herself and her two younger sisters. They head West with her minister husband, in order to join an Indian Mission on the frontier. Along the way her husband dies, leaving the girls once again on their own. Thankfully, there's room for them to live and serve at the Indian Mission. But their story is far from over. While at the mission, they experience the Whitman Massacre, a horrible incident, drawn from real life, in which one of the local tribes turned on the mission and killed almost everyone there. 

I love the amount of research that went into this story. Peterson did a lot of work to bring a real life incident to life. The intermingling of fact and fiction has always fascinated me. Historical fiction has always been one of my favorite genre's. I really thought Peterson did an excellent job with the historical aspects of this story.

I will say this: the dialogue felt extremely stilted and unrealistic to me. Even way back when, I doubt that people talked the way that they do in her book. I also felt like a few of the interactions felt a little too scripted. Would the head of a settlement really sought out Grace and her sister's like He did, taking such an intentional interest in her well being, over others?

For me, the research and setting made it fascinating, but the dialogue was too unrealistic for me to really dig in. It left me distracted, skimming through certain parts so that I could get to the end of the story. I don't really like when that happens.

And so you have it, my honest review of Treasured Grace.  If you had a different reaction to the book, please let me know! I'm sure there are different viewpoints out there :)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. The Bethany House Blogger Review Program is awesome like that :)