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Meg Chaney

This book has long been on my list of books to read. It's a book title that resonnates with me. I mentioned that reviewing Craving Connection really affected me. It touched on a sore area of my life. 

And so, I pray over this Bible study we're about to study at church. 

The girl who feels so uninvited has THREE meetups with friends this week. The girl who doesn't feel like she fits, is suddently surrounded by people. What exactly that means, I'm not sure. 

I do think we go through seasosn where we have to stand on what we know. I know my God is faithful. Iknow my God provides. But it still astounds me when he shows up. I'm still just so amazed at his unending faithfulness and love. 

Yesterday, I had a wonderful morning at church, went out to brunch with family, and then the hubby and I took the kids to a playground. It was there that I ran into a sweet friend. We sat down on a bench, and both said just how uninvted we've felt in this season. How we both feel like God is calling us to this study for a reason.

Friends, He's precious and relentless. And He never ceases to put people in your life each and every day. Be encouraged by that today.