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Amish Weddings: A Review

Meg Chaney

Amish Weddings, by Leslie Gould, was a book I received from the Bethany House Bloggers Program, in exchange for my honest review.

Amish Weddings is book 3 in the Neighbors of Lancaster County Series. Amish Promises and Amish Sweethearts come before it in the series. I was surprised when I realized that I had actually read the first book in this series. It, honestly, really helped that I knew some of the background. Amish Weddings did stand as a good book in it’s own right, but I do think you gain a lot by reading the previous books. The Beck & Lehman families have a lot of history together, so their past often comes up in conversation. Definitely pick up the first two books if you can.

But now onto Amish Weddings.

When this story picks up, sisters Lila & Rose Lehman are both looking to be married. Leila, to her longtime friend, Zane, and Rose to the bishops son. But they both may need a little work done on their hearts before they’re ready.

Lila is all ready to marry Zane, but then a few outside circumstances change everything, and make her question her own heart. Are her priorities where they should be? Or has her desire for a husband and a family taken precedent over her relationship with God?

Rose, also, has a lot of questions to ask of herself. She’s been seriously dating her Amish boyfriend for awhile, and is convinced that a marriage proposal is close at hand. But does she truly want this life? Does she want a dependable man, or does she want adventure and the unknown?

Both sisters have a lot of hard questions to ask themselves. The answer isn’t always so clear to them, or to the reader. I really enjoyed the deep questions that were brought up in this book. The characters were well rounded, and grappled with real life issues. Their struggles really kept me coming back, wanting to read more.  I love it when a fiction story pulls me in and keeps me invested in the relationships. I also love when their struggles are real life struggles, things I can relate to and learn from. This book did that for me. 

What have you been reading so far in 2017? Feel free to share below. I'm always happy to add a new book to my wish list!

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