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Meg Chaney

I can't believe that we're nearing the end of our Bible study on Gideon (by Pricilla Shirer).  Six weeks have gone back way too quickly! At the end of Gideon's story, we find that the Israelites have, quite quickly, turned back to worshiping idols. This could bring up questions of leadership, legacy, and idol worship. 

It's not a new premise to me, things of this world being called idols, but I did find it interesting listing out the things in my life that (may) take the place of God. One of the first things was: schedules. Let's be honest here, I like my life to be organized. My little world thrives when it's in order. My children are the same way. They like the expected, the normal. When we moved, my littlest one keep asking when we could go back to the "normal church." Even this morning, he freaked out because we had to leave the house early, it was out of his "normal" routine. Long ago, we determined that surprises don't work well with our kids. If there's any change, we let them know. My brain works in a similar way. I want the normal. This week I've been stressed, because I had to add four unexpected appointments. It threw my whole little world out of order. My brain has been worrying and fretting over the changes. It's hard for me to look at the next few months and know that added appointments will be a part of our life. I don't like it because it's unexpected, it's different. I've been fretting and stewing over it, trying to think of a way out of it. Forgetting.

Forgetting that there may be something greater at work. 

My very stressing is taking the place of trust. My obsession is taking the place of time I could be spending with God. All that time staring at my phone, trying to work out calendars, could be spend on much better things.

I'm choosing stress over peace.

In a way, the scheduling is becoming an idol. Or maybe it's the worrying. 

An idol is anything that takes precedent in our life, anything that we give all of our focus to, place as priority number 1.

It's a stretch, but I can see the connection.

In the midst of worrying, I forget the blessing.

I forget that these appointments are in place for something good. There there to help me feel better. To, possibly, solve something I've been suffering with for years. 

I forget the hidden blessing, the promise of something at the end.

The LORD doesn't want the next 3 months to be months of worrying and stress for me. Instead, He wants peace.

He wants peace in my life. He's provided the peace.

He wants trust. Trust, letting go of what can't be changed, embracing this new schedule that will be ours for such a small season.

Peace, trust, joy, those are words I want to embrace this holiday season. 

I don't want any obsession, any distraction to take the place of peace. Peace that only comes from the LORD.