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Let those Flowers Grow

Meg Chaney

IMG_3273 2.jpg

I transplanted a bunch of Iris bulbs early this Spring. They were packed in the ground, two, sometimes even three bulbs deep. They were beautiful last year, but just wait until they bloom now! Now that they have space. Now that they can all sink their roots deeply into the soil and breathe. Yes, they'll be pretty this Spring, but it will be next year when they're in their glory. Next Spring, my yard will be filled with purple, at least as long as the blooms hold. 

It's hard thinking that i may not see my bulbs bloom next year. That this could, very well, be our last Spring in this town. The military is like that. Families are always picking up and moving on. I'm aware of this. I already have a few PSC's under my belt. Just the same, I love this place, this town, our church, our daughter's school. It's precious to me because of the memories we've created here, the relationships we've invested in. To think that I may not see my flowers bloom next Spring hurts my heart. 

For the longest time, I didn't plant much, didn't spend much time with my hands sunk in the dirt, sun shining on my head. I didn't garden, because why would I? Why would I when someone else may see the fruit? Yes, I did keep some potted plants, because pots can easily be moved. But plant things in the dirt? No, I wouldn't invest that energy into it. But this year. This year feels different. This year I long for the feeling of dirt between my fingers. I look forward to watching my bulbs bloom. I tend and care for them because it's therapeutic to me, it brings me joy.

This place, this humble home we live in, may not always be ours, but it's ours for this season. For this season, it's where we eat, where we sleep, where our children laugh and learn and grow. And I want to take pride in my home, inside and out. I want to make those most of an imperfect space, furniture that never quite fits and that's covered in stains from "helpful" toddlers," cube shelves that worked wonderfully in our last house, but fit awkwardly here, odd shaped rooms, growing children that need more space, odd places for my office computer. This is all part of what makes up our home, for today.  And so, I plan to live in it. I'll organize it the best I can, live with the imperfections, and plant flowers that will bloom. Why? Because they speak to my soul. They make me happy. They bring joy. Joy to me. And joy to those who may live in this home after us. 

This is the day that the Lord has made. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it. 

My encouragement to you today? Let those flowers grow, even if you may not see the results. Invest in what you have right before you right now. Seek beauty and life. Live completely in today, in the beautiful life God has given you. Let Him take care of tomorrow.