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A Woman Who Loved

Meg Chaney

She loved.

Not with an everyday lovey-dovey sort of love, but with agape. A love that keeps no record of wrong. A love that hopes. A love that never fails.

I’m still trying to figure out that sort of love.

My own love is imperfect. People aren’t always trustworthy. Those I love don’t always follow through. They make mistakes. Un-friend me. And my, how I can hold grudges against them. I think back to times of my life, moments from my childhood, and I can once again feel mad about it. Betrayal. Hurt. Unforgiveness. On my own, I feel all of these things.

But she lived a life different than that.

She who by earthly standards could have held far more grudges than I.

She who watched her father, her sister, her brother, her nephew, and so many others die from mistreatment.

She who experienced hunger and pain, verbal and physical abuse.

She chose to forgive.

And her story influenced my own spiritual legacy.

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