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Meg Chaney

All is calm, all is bright, the old nativity song goes.

But my world feels less than calm right now.  

My head, and heart ache from the stressors in my life. 

My heart aches for a world that has felt anything but calm as of late. For families uprooted, lives changed in an instant. 

My heart aches for families separated by wars this Christmas. For loved ones who won't meet under the tree. I've been there, my heart whispers.

It's not hard to remember the pain, the loneliness of that season.

And this season now, is full of heartache as well.

Heartache, and unanswered questions.

Medical questions, housing questions, job questions for those I love.

This grow-up life doesn't always leave much room for peace.

The worries and anxieties of this world lay heavy upon my life.


Until the music begins to play. 

I'm reminded of my dining table, still scattered with art supplies. 

Little toy trucks and trains cluttered on the floor.

Laughter as little ones dance to the music, asking me to join in.

Silly hours spent playing, pretending.

The awe of Christmas lights, and the wonder in a child's small voice.

These are the things I hold most dear.

These two little ones remind me to keep my focus on the here and now. To keep my focus on the beautiful children He's given me to raise.

This morning, the mess of our house was getting to me. I was anxious, restless, annoyed. Anything but at peace.

But really, I want to cherish the mess. The chaoes. These years when I rarely have a moment alone. Becaues I know these days will pass quicker than I want them to. This house? Will one day be back in order. But right now. Right now, it's living and breathing with the lives inside. Each mess tells a story of time spent, memories made, characters being formed. 

So often, they breathe Jesus to me. They remind me to stay on my knees in prayer.

Yes, they exasperate and frustrate me, but their love, their love reminds me to love. Their love reminds me to seek peace. Peace, not in this world, because there's a lack of it there. But peace up above.

Peace, in a Savior, who long ago came into this world and saved us from ourselves.

There's really nothing without Him, is there?

And so, today, and everyday, I leave all the burdens of this world at His feat.

Peace on Earth?

Yes, but only in the name of Jesus.

Peace when life is anything but?

Yes. Peace, that can only come from within.

Peace, is my prayer for this year, when my heart feels so heavy. 

Peace, when I deal with my children.

Peace, as we go about each day.

Peace, when the answers for loved ones isn't easy to come by.

Peace, in all hearts during this Christmas season.