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Thursday Rambles

Meg Chaney

This week I:

Started watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. What memories it's bringing back! I found season 1 & season 2 at a thrift store! The only problem is that now I'm going to want to watch the rest!

Spent some unexpected time with my daughter. She had a fever on Tuesday, so the two of us spent the morning home together. We painted toes, drank lots of Orange Juice, and watched some Tinkerbell. I felt bad that she wasn't feeling 100%, but the girl time was wonderful. It was also just such a reminder of how big she's getting! It was refreshing to focus time on her like that!

Caught up an Influence Network class from a few months back "Love Your Home" by Sarah Schneider. Best advice? Live in your home for awhile, learn it's bones, before you make any drastic changes! (Like painting all the rooms). She also suggested keeping walls to a neutral palette, and using indoor/outdoor fabric on furniture! The walls and floors are painted white in her kid's play area, she feels like this gives them the ability to imagine anything with the space! 

Read (ing): Christy by Catherine Marshall. I have a short list of books I'm really trying to finish right now. This one is a slow read, but interesting! I'm thinking of skimming it a bit to make it the rest of the way through. 

Also listing to the Audible version of Wives & Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

And I've just started this seven-day devotional. It's a free download over on!

Held: My boy while he feel asleep for his nap this afternoon. Seriously don't know the last time I've done that! I often sit on the floor in his room while he's falling asleep, but today I held him, and he felt way too big in my lap. He smelled of dirt, sweat, and hours of fun outside with friends. Everything a little boy should smell of! Cherishing up those moments!