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2015 Goals

Meg Chaney


I love the idea of starting 2015 with some goals. A game plan of what I want to accomplish in the next month, next six months, next year. I don't like the idea of unrealistic goals. Goals that will only make me feel bad about myself, goals that I would quickly abandon. Instead, I want it to be an encouragement, a way to look at this coming year with excitement and purpose, ready to work exactly where God has placed me, here and now. 

2015 Goals: 

1) Journaling: I want to journal more. Pen and paper. Prayers, dreams, ideas, thoughts, memories. I have an obsession with nice writing pens and cute little journals! 

2) Reading: Too many days have gone by without me even picking up a book for pleasure. Tis life with little ones, I suppose. But I really want to read more regularly. I love a little space in the afternoon for a cup of tea & a good book. I've been trying to set aside "Reading Time" each afternoon for Emma & I. It's a good breather when things are getting intense and we obviously both need a break. Plus, it makes me happy! I plan on joining in with this reading challenge. Here's my Pinterest board, with the books I'm thinking about. 

 2) Blogging: One longer, well-crafted blog post a week on different topics of interest. (This is definitely going to stretch and push DEPLOYED HEART in some different directions. I'm excited!). 

3) Brainstorming: One day of researching, brainstorming article ideas every week.

4) Submitting: One day of working on article submissions each week. (With one article submitted per month, between now & June. I'll reassess then, and possibly up this goal). 

5) Focusing On: In 2015, I'll be focusing on the words PEACE & BRAVE. There both things God has really placed on my heart. PEACE in my household, with my husband and children. PEACE, because there's no room for worry when PEACE enters in. BRAVE in my writing, in new directions God's taking me with my various gifts. BRAVE for what ever this year has in store for our family. 

And there you have it. These are my goals so far, with room for adjustments. What goals have you set for this year? Do you have any suggestions for my reading list? Feel free to share below.