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On Patience


This morning, my New Testament in a Year reading plan gave me 1 Corinthians 13. I've always loved this portion of scripture. It describes the great, unending love, that God has for all of us. Truly, these verses are jam-packed with words to live by. 

These verses were read on my wedding day, as a reminder of the kind of love my husband and I should have with each other.

Love is patient (vs. 4). 

My it's hard to be patient sometimes. Patient when my husband comes through the door and two children are vying for his attention. It's often hard for me to get a word in edgewise. Patient when he ponders over the answer to a question, not immediately coming back with a reply. (This is actually an amazing gift of his, one I which I could do more often). Patience when we're all grumpy, tired, in need of rest. Patience when my daughter takes forever to put on her shoes, when she slowly wanders on walks, taking in all the sites. Patience when she asks a million questions, wanting to know why exactly the sky is blue or how the car moves down the road.

Patience when I'm in a season of waiting. When the only answer from God is a whispered "not now, not quite yet." 

Patience to be ok with not knowing the answers to what lies ahead.

Patience to live in the moment, to love my family fully, even with all of their faults.

I've found that sometimes, when I slow down, when I let my daughter walk slower, or truly answer her millions of questions, when I wait for my husband to put the kids to bed, before we talk, when I let God move in His own timing, I learn so much more. I learn how to truly love, how to truly care for these precious people in my life. I learn that it's sometimes best to not look too far ahead, but to be thankful for today, this moment. I realize how many blessings have in today. 

That time, when my husband is preoccupied with the kids at the end of the day, is often the time I need to prepare dinner and clean up afterward. When he waits, before giving an answer, it reminds me of how powerful the words are that I speak into his life as well. When my daughter asks question after question, she reminds me of the beauty of creation and how much fun it is to learn new things. When God just tells me to wait, to be patient in this moment, I stop looking past now, and see the beauty, the great love, in living today. 

What a great blessing patience is in our lives. And how thankful I am for the great patience God shows with imperfect me each and everyday.


What does "love is patient" mean to you?