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Sometimes I have to remind myself of the good.
This past weekend, we packed up our family and headed two hours North for the day. I'm never sure how such roadtrips are going to go. In the past, taking my kids out of their normal routine has not always had the best results. But Saturday was not that day.
We can't always have bad days, right?

We didn't meet with any horrific traffic jams, the kids didn't scream and holler the whole way there, they didn't even have tantrums from getting too overly tired. We just had a nice day. And it was good for my soul.
It was good to just laugh, just love, just walk around a pretty garden, exploring where the paths might take us.
It was good just being together, celebrating a milestone. Celebrating an anniversary. Celebrating six years of marriage to my significant other. 
Originally I was a little bummed, wishing we had a good babysitter on hand so that the husband and I could have a night out. But, this was equally wonderful. It was treasured. Memory filled.
I'm so thankful that God gives us such days.
Days that are out of the normal rut. Days that are different from the normal routine.

At this garden, our kids were able to run, explore, watch the toy train set go round and round at the pavillion.
We had a nice lunch, Lebanese, which seemed the perfect thing to have, bringing back memories of a past trip the husband and I once took.
In the afternoon we window shopped in one of my favorite little towns, stopping for a coffee break at a funky little cafe.

It was simple, relatively inexpensive. Blessed.
I'm so thankful for sunshine days.
They bring hope in the other times. They brought joy to yesterday, when the kids were grumpy (probably after the long daytrip). Memories like that hold us through the mundane. They remind me that my kids really aren't all bad. They do have manners. They can be respectful, loving, attentive. They can, sometimes, just go with the flow.
They can be fun.

There are some times that I live safe, I stay in the routine because I don't want to see what would happen when we step outside. I've seen the bad spectacles enough, that I'm afraid to stretch my kids too far out of the norm. But, by doing that, I may also miss out on some sunshine days. Don't get me wrong, I know how important routine is to my children, they thrive on it, but I also think days like Saturday do us some good. It's a way that my husband is a good influence on my life. He encourages me to live outside of boundaries, try new things, experience life unplanned . He encourages me to seek sunshine days, filled with memories. What a blessing he is to planner me.

And how thankful I am for the ocassional sunshine day that God brings into our lives.

Have you experienced any sunshine lately? What gets you through the rough patches?