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Our churches Ladies Bible Study started back up last week. It's a place to come, learn, grow, and be encouraged by like minded women in different stages of life. They are truly my prayer warriors and some of my closest confidents. I love it. 

 There were only two of us there last week, providential? Yes, I believe so. The right people were there, it was wonderful fellowshiping with a friend. As we moved through the study guide, one distinct verse popped out at us: 

"We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28, HCSB).

What words of encouragement, for the downtrodden, the heavy hearted, for the times when we really can't see very far ahead. It's wonderful to remember that God has good in store for us. Sometimes we need friends in our lives to remind us of just how great our God is. He didn't throw us on this planet and then forget about us. No, He paved a path, a way for us. He sent His son to come and die for us, so that we could live eternally with Him. He has good in store. Good, in a world of evil, of sadness, of death, of relationships torn apart, He breathes life. He breathes good things. When we look around, we can start to see glimpses of that good. We can start to see the hand of God which is always near. We can start to see the times when He holds on tight, when the sky is dark, but He brings His light.

Yesterday, I was listening to the lies. I was letting life drag me down. Voices were reminding me of what a horrible mother was. How I was failing at prioritizing, at being a good wife. How my appearance doesn't measure up to societies standards. My own brain was definitely giving me a beating. It was a rough day. With a messy house, messy children, messy life, I could feel myself sinking.

But today, today I'm reminded of the beauty of this same life. I'm reminded that God placed me in this body, in this family, in these roles for a reason. I'm reminded of the good He has planned for me.

We need to speak more truth into our lives, friends. We need to be reminded more often that we are, in no way, alone.

God has a good plan. Yes, indeed. 


"Doubting God's promises leads to depression, but believing God's promises helps you go on your way singing and rejoicing. 'The Lord is Great! He is beautiful. I thank the Lord and praise Him for His greatness and His power and His provision.' You can have that victory of praise and a confident life because you know that God will perform His word. Of course, God will perform His word whether you worry about it or not, so you might as well be happy. You might as well rejoice and praise the Lord, because He is going to do it anyhow" (Chuck Smith, Faith, 228).