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Thankful Thursday



I'm in the mood to be thankful. To continue to see everything I'm doing right. My tendency is to see the wrong, to get discouraged by the gaps, instead of noticing all the moments of light. The moments where God shines into my life.

Being a parent is truly one of the hardest things I've ever done. The long hours, the decisions on how to respond, the disciplining, the general wrangling.

Emma came home from her first day of Preschool today. She happily chatted about her new friends, about her classroom, about walking in line while they were in the hall. She told me how she listened to her teacher, how she reached out and befriended the new girl.

And my heart, my heart swelled. 

My vivacious girl did well.

As much as she tests me at home, she thrives.

She loves school, learning, befriending, interacting with others.

She listens to authority.

She's considerate.

She's a hard worker.

I, am doing something right.

I am not a complete failure, like my head tries to tell me on the hard days.

My pastor recently said something in church about the head verses the heart. He said that studies have shown that if the head says one thing and the heart says another, we'll follow our hearts.

My girl has a good heart.

She truly does.

I may, at times, focus on her head, her head that choses to disobey, to talk back, to give her Mama a rough time.

But her heart, is sweet.

It truly is.

And I pray, as she gets older, that she'll take that sweet heart and turn it to Jesus.

I thank God for this beautiful child.

And for the reminder that I really am doing ok.

I think sometimes well all need reminders like that.


You are doing ok, friend. You really are. Take a moment to look around you and see the beauty God has placed in your life. Shove the dark aside, and search for the light. There's promise there, and hope. Always hope.