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The good in today


I am not someone who has it all together. I haven't yet fully figured out how to balance housework with family and writing, and other day to day responsible. I strive to feed my family fresh, from the earth food, but sometimes my kids still eat sugary cereal for breakfast. There are always dishes in my sink, dirt and dust somewhere on the floor, and various toys and piles of papers throughout the house. I was focusing on trying to pick up last night when my one year old son fell, and busted his mouth. He was crying, blood was streaming, and I felt like a truly, horrible mother. I'd turned my back for a minute. I was trying to balance all of the responsibilities of motherhood. 

Some days are just hard people, just hard. 

When I focus on all the things that have gone wrong in a day, I feel pretty hopeless. Pretty beat up. 


Until I let things shine in the proper light. 

Until I let God show me how things really are.


The moments when I praise my daughter's hard work, her face shines, her eyes sparkle. The moments when we silly dance across the kitchen floor, because what else would you do at seven o'clock in the morning? The moment when my daughter hugged me, and I hugged back. The laughter, the kisses, the hours spent cuddling, building puzzles, answering every question under the sun.

Thinking of the things I've done right fills me with happiness, fills me with hope. There's nothing like stepping back and seeing things for what they are. There's nothing like finding the beauty in a day.

And so, take the time to look around you today. Ask yourself what you're doing right. Be encouraged, knowing that God does have good and beautiful plans in store of you. You may not see it yet, but hope is there, a sliver of light, of hope is shining through.