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What Fills You?


What fills you? What brings you joy, helps you to relax, fills you with peace?


It seems like it's been coming up alot lately in things that I've been reading. 

A call to be more intentional with my time, my resources, with what is going into my life and what is coming out. A call to seek out my passions, the things my heart finds joy in, the things God has called me to do.

With Emma back in preschool, our life has hit a new routine, a new groove. I'm so thankful for the gift of time, time to write, time to run errands, time to simply sip a cup of tea while Ezra takes his morning nap. I love that Emma loves school so much, her bucket is filled in those times. She has her special thing to talk about, look forward to, to excel at. 

And I have been given the gift of time as well. You wouldn't think it, with one child at home, but it truly makes a difference. Maybe it's the difference in my children's personalities, Ezra is definitely the more easy going of the two, or just the fact that Ezra usually takes a long morning nap while Emma's at school, but these school days are truly wonderful. I remember last Fall, when I first put Emma in this preschool program, how I was so hesitant to do so. I honestly felt that I was failing as a mommy, if we both needed time away from each other each week, that I wasn't doing something right. A year later, I'm realizing just how wrong that mentality was. Every kid is so, so different. Some kids don't need to be sent to preschool, but Emma, Emma thrives in that environment, she truly does. She's so happy there, and my heart is full knowing that her heart is full.

It's full when I drop her off, when I write blog posts while little man takes his morning nap. It's full when I seek out the things that make me happy. Time to write, time to craft, time to minister into the lives of others. 

So here's a question for you today? What fills you? Are those things good? Do they bring honor to Jesus? Or are they time fillers? Empty? 

Just some thoughts for you today :)