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My Focus




I can't believe that Easter is coming so quickly. That the world around me is getting so green.

In my journaling this morning we were in Revelation 21. The description of The Holy City, with golden streets and gates made of single pearls sounds so spectacular.

Can you even begin to imagine? I'm so excited for this earth to come. This place that no longer experiences sickness, sadness and death. A place where evil has no home. 

This world, this existence, is all I know. Yet, I long for something more: our eternal home with Jesus. I long for a body that's not in pain, for grief to never have a hold on my loved ones, for evil to no longer tempt. For there to be no need for a sun or moon because God's glory is all around us. Think about it, God's glory will be so bright that there will be no need for light! His glorious light is all we will need.As I read this chapter, one thought stayed on my heart: what am I filling my life with today? Am I filling my life with things that are good and right and true? Or am I focused on things that will mean nothing in eternity?

My days are long ones. Ezra still wakes up often at night, and Emma is often ready and rearing to go at 5AM! My days are often spent running errands, wrangling children, keeping up on housework, and putting healthy meals on the table (most) evenings. Spare moments are usually mindless moments, a second to check my email, a random hour when both children decide to nap simultaneously, an hour or two in the evening between the kiddos' bedtime and my own. I'm sure I'm not alone in living such a life. You might have small changes, but the gist is the same. As wives and/or mothers, we don't really have much time for "us." So, the question comes down to how we're spending those free moments. Those in-between times.
Are those shows I'm watching, those books I'm reading, the things I'm surfing on the internet, uplifting? Do they bring me, and others, closer to Jesus. And, a far bigger question on my heart this morning, will those things even be allowed in the kingdom of God someday?


I like to think that I read and watch pretty good things. I stay away from things that swear, R rated things, things that don't glorify Jesus. Years ago I gave up most of my secular romance novels. If you feel different than me on this, please don't think I'm attacking you. I'm only sharing what God has placed on my heart with, what God has convicted me, personally, with.

As my children are growing up, I want them to know what's different about me. I want them to know that Jesus is more important to me than any earthly thing. I want them to see that my focus is above, not on this world.

Hmm... I'm not sure what this will mean about some of the things I watch.
I know it's definitely a call for my heart to focus, for my time to be used wisely.
To make sure that my first thoughts are on Jesus, not social media, when I wake up in the morning.
And to make sure my focus stays there, as I run from one errand to the next, take care of my family, make it to the end of each day.
We'll see where else this may go, but I know one thing. I can't wait for the beautiful eternity up ahead. Will you be there with me? I hope so. All it takes is letting go of this world, and admitting that we can't do it on our own. We need a Savior, Jesus Christ.