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When Grace Enters In


She bumped into him. He started crying, so she ran over to her bed and hid her head underneath. She didn't want to get in trouble. She knew that her accidental act had made the baby cry. And so she hid. Hid from what she thought would be a reprimand. My heart hurt in that moment. Hurt for the little girl who just assumed that she would be punished. It's so hard being three. Three year olds (or at least my three year old) forever push boundaries. They're exploring, stating their opinion, trying to live even more independently. As a mama, I feel like my days often revolve around telling my daughter "no." I try my best to encourage and uplift, but I also have to teach her the difference between right and wrong. This is compounded with a young sibling. A sibling whom I have to protect from an over-zealous big sister. And so, perhaps, she gets reprimanded a little too often. It's a hard balance, teaching obedience and grace. But it's one I long to find. 

When she hid her head under the blanket, I was reminded of the grace God gives to each of us. We mess up, intentional or not, and hide our head, not wanting to hear His response. But, God, in His grace, reaches out and draws us into His arms. He knows. He knows the full picture when we cannot. He sees how the pieces of life fit together, and His grace covers all. 

He sees us wherever we may try to hide. He finds us, head under the blanket, and meets us there, in that moment. 

And He showers love. Love unconditional.

Maybe that's the secret in parenting. Teaching, strengthening, loving through each challenge. Letting your kids know that, while they can't get away with disobedience, disrespect, dishonesty, etc. that you love them through it all, even in the hardest of moments.

Because God gave grace to all of us.

More than anything, I want my children to grow up knowing about the grace of God. Knowing that He, and He alone, holds the keys to life and death. Knowing that we are nothing without Him.

And so, I soldier on, relying on God to fill in the blanks. Praying that He will give me wisdom in parenting, wisdom in disciplining, but also wisdom for when grace should enter in.