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An Appointment


An Appointment

Meg Chaney

This morning, I find myself tucked up in a chair next to a fireplace, cup of coffee at hand, world outside dark, but waking up with the sounds of a bustling city. This will be day three of our trek toward my husband's home, such a snail pace compared to how I used to travel. 

But my husband has taught me a lot about traveling over the years. About taking detours to see those we care about, spending the night so that we can stay up playing games. About patience, and the importance of fellowship.  

Yes, we could have gotten there on Monday. It's Wednesday now, and I'm not as bothered by that as I might have been once. Sometimes, it's abot the experience of traveling with little ones. It's about stopping at that playplace, when they really do need to stretch their legs and get some energy out. It's about letting go of my tight, rigid schedule, and enjoying a different way of traveling.

And then, my husband detours, so that I can see a new friend. Someone I meant at The Influence Conference a few months back.  She meets us for dinner, husband and kiddos go back to the hotel, and then she and I talk over hot cups of coffe/tea. 

She's a new friend, but she has something to offer. Some words I need to hear. We're friends of the heart, kindred spirits you could say. Someone I can be honest and open with. Someone who leaves my heart feeling blessed. Full. Reminded that I do have Battle Buddies out there, praying for me, thinking about me, even if there hundreds of miles away.

If I had been too rushed, I would have missed that appointment. I would have missed her encouragment, and the reminder to have grace with myself and others this holiday season. To let go of the thought that I have to make these holidays perfect, jampacked with memories. And that God has things planned much greater than "my" perfect little ideals.  

I had to slow down to make that appointment last night. I had to let this trip take a lot longer than I would have planned. And I'm so thankful for that.


What can you let go of this holiday season so that grace can enter in?