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Sometimes a teething babe just needs to be held.

And then he goes down for his nap and big girl wakes up from hers. Oh well, what did I have to do that mattered more than this anyway?

Truely, these children bring so much perspective to my life. They test me, frustrate me, wear me out, but they also teach me more about love than anyone else. Today has been taxing, and it's not yet through. There's still laundry, dishes, a meal to prepare, and a little farther on a bedtime regimen to follow. But, for now, I'm thankful for the girl who wakes up slow, just like her mama, and for her brother down the hall. Both of them are a piece of me. Both of them a a gift, one I hope I don't take advantage of. Today in Bible study we were talking about stewardship in all parts of our lives. It left me asking: Am I being a good steward of my time? My role as a mother? All of the things God has given me to take care of? How can I improve? Do I truly realize the gifts right before me?

Just some food for thought :)