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Mommy Management


I was talking about quiting. As much as I love social media, it's consumed my life for so long. I was about to hit that delete button, but something kept holding me back...

On Sunday afternoon my husband and I were sitting on the front porch, sipping on tea. Settled back in red adorandak chairs, I spoke my thoughts aloud.
Social Media has become too much for me. I spend my days reading about other people, instead of writing my own words down. My time is sorely limited during the days. Moments to jot down words are that: moments.
Even now I have a baby sitting next to me who will probably want to eat momentarily.
Moments. Moments to spill out my thoughts, questions, prayers, encouragement. Moments to fulfill part of the calling upon my life.
The calling to write.
To express.
To encourage through the written word.

My husband's response on that lazy Sunday afternoon humbled me. It truly spoke to my heart. He reminded me that writers have to manage their media presence. Being involved in the blogging community is important. Social media is one of the ways that I share my work. But I have to manage that time.
It's time to be more responsible.

Yesterday was the beginning of a change for me. I honestly didn't succeed completely. I still found myself turning to the internet during free moments. While I was drinking my coffee, as I watched little girl play, while I was nursing. Managing time doesn't mean I have to be absent from the social media world. But, for me, it does mean stepping back. Managing my priorities. Deciding what really matters each day, each moment.
Sometimes being present with my little ones is all I can do in a day. Loving them, instructing them, feeding and clothing them.
I also have responsibilities as a homemaker. Laundry, dishes, and a warm meal in the making when my husband walks through the door are all a part of each day.
I also try my best to start each day with devotions and prayer. (Which, by the way, has also been a challenge for me, but that's for a different day).
My other priority is sharing my love with all of you, my blogging friends, my social media friends, my friends, military or not, that need encouragement, that need the reminder that we aren't alone in this crazy world. You are my passion. You are the reason I write.
And hopefully, this managing of time with carve out some time for submissions, will help me to further pursue some dreams and fancies.

Being a good steward of my time and gifts is my greatest desire.
And so, I give the pieces to Jesus, and thank Him for providing me with a Husband who speaks truth into my life, even when it humbles me, a Jesus who opens my eyes and encourages me, and friends, who read these words and are hopefully encouraged in their own walks.