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A Letter to My Headstrong Girl


To My Head Strong Girl,

We are going through such a trying time with you right now. At almost three, you're spreading your wings, becoming more adventurous, and having opinions about everything under the sun. Life is a daily flux between sweetness and tempers. 

You are so very passionate. You show that passion through the way you love, the way you experience life, and the way you react when things don't go your way. You surely are a stubborn one. 

I hope you one day realize how hard disciplining you is on me. How I, the person who hates confrontation, dread having to send you to your room once again. I would much rather spend the afternoon running in the sunshine, than watching over you in timeout. 

You and your brother are the joys of my life, but being a parent is really tough some days. 

But I don't stop. Even when you push, I keep the bounders in place, I point out when you've crossed over a  line. I make you apologize. 

I hope you thank me for it one day. I hope, someday you can see.

That a world without boundaries is a scary one. A life where no one ever tells you "no" has no limits, no laws. 

There are people in this world that seemingly have it all. Money, glory, power. They're living a rule less life, one without God, one I pray you never face. 

I want better for you than that, my dear.

I pray God uses your passion for something great. I pray He forms your headstrong nature into the woman He created you to be. Because we need passionate Christians in this world. We need those who will stand up, against the odds, and proclaim the gospel. You were created with a distinct purpose. This I know. Our God does not make mistakes. And so, I'll keep trying. I'll keep looking you in the eye and telling you what a beautiful creation of God you are. And I'll never stop pointing out the difference between right and wrong. Because I'm your mama and I love you, that's why.