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Everyday Gifts


Life since our little man arrived has been crazy, emotional. Full of up and downs. Sleep deprivation and hormones are largely to blame, but I think newness also plays a roll. Newness, all is new. New life has been given to us, so it's now our choice how we want to live.   At times in these past two weeks, I honestly haven't wanted the job. I wanted a full nights sleep instead. I wanted my toddler to myself. I wanted to go back to what seemed "easier." To the routine she and I had before this new life entered in. Adding him into the mix just seemed so daunting to me. Wondering how will ever sort all the pieces out just seemed too much to handle.

And then I started reading this book:

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

A book that was recommeded to me shortly before our little guy was born. In the early morning hours, in the middle of a feeding, when I have those few short moments of peace, I've been delving in, soaking up the words, and trying to find my own gifts in the everyday. 

Because this life is such a gift. Each moment is a gift. The everyday moments are gifts. 

The early mornings, while the baby sleeps and toddler girl and i have breakfast together, a gift.

Sipping a still warm cup of coffee, a gift.

Cuddles, playdough, clean loads of laundry, phone calls from loved ones, friends checking in. Food from church family, family travelling to help out in these early days. Gifts. Beautiful gifts.


I don't have all the pieces sorted out. This is only my second day on my own with the kiddos. But I do know that we'll figure it out. We'll get past these early, quite blurry, baby days. And a part of me will miss them as we leave them behind. Before I know it, I'll have more time to myself than I know what to do with. But until then, I'm going back to my babies. 

What everyday gifts are you surrounded by?