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On mothering


Have you seen this blog post yet? An Open Letter to Pastors (A Non-Mom Speaks About Mothers Day. A friend of mine posted a link to it on Monday, and I have to admit that it really struck me. This Mothers Day will only be my third one as a mommy. I'm definitely looking forward to it as a day to relax and enjoy those I love the most. But I would hate to think that other women will be at church on Sunday in silent pain. That on a day where I feel celebrated, they feel less than complete. Because that's anything but true. The military life has sent me many places. In each home, women have welcomed me in, prayed for me, made tea for me, encouraged me. Far from my biological family, these women mothered me in ways great and small. There didn't even have to be much of an age gap between us. There was no criteria. Being a mother is just something women do. They welcome, they love, they encourage. They probably don't even realize that they're being a mother. But their care is beautiful. Their love is godly. They are the reason we celebrate Mothers Day. 
I'm so thankful for the women who have and continue to watch over me. I pray that, down the road, God gives me others to love as well. Because being a mother has little to do with biology (Although my own mother is also an amazing one, by the way). Being a mother is just using the gifts God has given all of us as women. 
And so, this Sunday, I pray that you feel blessed and celebrated, just as a woman of God.