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Spring has truly come to Alabama, and with it, allergies :(  just the same, I love sleeping with the windows open, waking to the sound of birds, and enjoying the many varied colors outside my window. Spring holds so many blessings, a stuffy head is a small price to pay. While we lived in Colorado, I learned to appreciate a different type of beauty. Rolling hills and bluffs, in various shades of brown and gold. Glorious mountains majesty, further away than the seem, with green evergreen trees covering their sides and breathtaking sunsets greeting your eyes every evening. Now, while other parts of the country are still fighting the grasp of late Spring frost, the South is experiencing Spring. Our fridge is already filled with homemade lemonade & tea. Weekends find us grilling, and staying outside as long as possible. My little girl is already enjoying the many wonders of Spring: bubbles and water tables, bird watching and morning walks.

It's a little hard, because I want to do so much outside, gardening and exploring, adventuring and interacting. It's hard for me to step back and experience things at a slower pace. To relish lazy afternoons, knowing that early summer will bring a newborn into our lives. My birthday will fall a mere 3 weeks before this little one's due date. I have grand dreams of weekend getaways and family adventures, but the reality will probably find find us closer to home, nesting and dreaming and wondering just when this little one will chose to arrive.

My body is slowing down, limbs and joints are becoming sorer, and people, pretty much everywhere I go, ask when this baby is due. I answer graciously, but I find myself impatient. Impatient to move on. Impatient to get to that next stage in life. But at the same time, trying to enjoy these days. These days that will never come again. Days when I was the mother of one, almost two. Days that God has made glorious and complete, just like any other.

Do you ever have trouble enjoying where you are? Enjoying a certain moment in time? I can think back at specific moments in time and remember always looking ahead, always wishing for something more. But oh, looking back, the memories are so sweet. Even during our deployment days. Yes, we missed our Airman oh so much, but there were so many memories being made. Love letters being sent back and forth in the mail, long phone conversations and emails. Cuddles with my little one-year-old girl. She was 12 months when he left, and 19 months old when he returned. I had the privilege of watching her grow and change each day. Of investing in friendships and trying my best to enjoy each moment. And I'm trying to do the same even now. I'm trying my best to not live in the future, but in the present, in today's blessings. The future is full of glorious dreams, but the present, the present is full of glorious realities.

So enjoy today my friends, whether it finds you slightly frazzeled and stuffy headed (like me), or content, at peace with yourself, your God and your world. Life will always have it's uncertain futures, and it's daily blessings as well. Which do you chose to dwell on today?

A verse to ponder: ""Don’t be deceived, my dearly loved brothers.  Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning" (James 1:16-17, HCSB).