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New Beginnings


How has it been so long since I logged into my little online world? The last few weeks have flown by, filled with packing cars, a housing inspection, driving cross country, moving into a new place, exploring a new town. Our house is now largely unpacked. Each room has a few random boxes, the things we don't know where to put (mostly my craft stuff, ha!). But even those things will find a new home before long. New beginnings can be exciting. I love settling to a new space and making it ours. I love that a few simple things, like a bouquet of flowers and a new front door welcome mat, can suddenly make a house feel like a home. I love the fun of exploring new places, signing up for a library card, watching my daughter run in the spring sunshine. Such blessings have already been found in this place. Yet, I long for the things we left behind. The familiarity, the normalcy. The people and places I'd learned to love so well. The comfort. The friends. Yes, it can be hard starting over. Hard being at the beginning of things once again. But still, God blesses me each day. Family that comes to travel East with us, others that help us unpack. A new church that welcomes us in to their family. New friends to go out to lunch with, to pray with and share life with. 

No, even in a place of new beginnings, I'm never alone. I don't even feel that lonely. Because I'm so surrounded by love, by prayers, by those near and far who have blessed me in the past and even now.

Writing these things down has helped me realize this. Slowing down and prioritizing has helped with this as well. I often get so overly busy that I neglect to focus on the things I enjoy doing the most (outside of being a mother), sewing, scrapbooking, reading, writing, these are all things I love, but things I haven't truly spent much time on in months. My goal over the coming weeks is to make time for these things. Yes, being a mother is a priority for me right now. My days are mostly spent focusing on a toddler, and napping when she naps. Soon, we'll be adding a baby to the mix as well. But I think it's important to keep the things I love in focus as well. Start small. Spend a few minutes on my self each day, starting with prayer and devotions, and moving on after that.  This was a bit of a tangent for you all tonight, but it's something on my heart. Something I needed to put out there, to keep myself accountable. I want to devote time each day to the gifts God has placed on my heart. They're unique, precious, and worth investing in. 

I attended the Ladies Bible study at our new church last week. We were talking about spiritual gifts, and how uniquely God has gifted each of us. Perhaps that's partly what spurred these thoughts, these thoughts about the gifts, the passions God has placed on my heart. They're a part of what makes me me, things I find joy in, that I can, in return, bless Him with. In 1 Corinthians 12 the Apostle Paul talks about the spiritual gifts each member of the body has been given. We're all given different things, so that we can work together as a whole "For as the body is one and has many parts, and all the parts of that body, though many, are one body—so also is Christ" (vs. 12, HCSB).  It's amazing to think that my gifts aren't just by chance, but are God given. And yours are as well! We're here on this earth for a very definite reason. It does me little good to look around and compare my gifts with others. We're each so intentionally unique. And so, I strive to live this life to the fullest, and embrace the passions God has placed on my heart. What about you? What has God been calling you to do? What gifts lay within your heart of hearts?