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A Cup of Coffee


(Took this idea from some friends, but it totally fits the mood I’m in today).

If we had coffee date today...
I'd probably be drinking tea, since I already had my one allotted cup of caffeine for today. But I’d pour you a cup of coffee, just the same, and settle down in a comfy seat for a nice long chat.

I'd tell you all the details of our up-and-coming move. How I find myself getting anxious over our long list of “last minute” things that have to be accomplish. How I find myself dreaming about our “new-to-us” rental house on the other end. Already my brain is organizing, arranging, and re-inventing our furniture to fit in the space.

I'd tell you that I'm already lonely for the friends I'll leave behind. It's honestly one of the hardest parts of this military life. It’s painful to say goodbye, not knowing when I’ll see these people again.

I'd tell you all about life with a 2 1/2 year old. How she drives me crazy some days with her tantrums, but also how I can't get enough of her hugs, kisses, and the imaginary songs that she sings. She's growing and changing so much, and looking less like my little baby with each passing day!

I'd tell you how this pregnancy is going. How busy this little guy is, and how I can't believe that I'm already 25 weeks along!

I'd tell you about my fears of giving birth in a new city, how much I'll miss my friends and family. But also about the peace I feel, knowing God is in control. He has never dropped me in a new city to fend for myself. No, He's brought the perfect coffee dates into my life, for each time and season. Each of those friendships fills a place in my heart, and teaches me a lesson about faith, life and love. Each time I'm changed. So, even though a part of me is dreading all the change coming up, I'm also excited. Who knows what the next few years have in store?

A few sips of tea, and I'd tell you how God has been working on my heart. How he's been asking me to let go and let Him take control. How He reminds me time and again of my life verses, the words nearest to my heart. Words that remind me that there really is little to fear in this life, with God in control.

Finished with my end of the talk, I would sit back and let you talk. I would listen, pray for you, and encourage you as much as I can. Because that’s what coffee date friends are for.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to share. And please come again. I always have plenty of coffee cups to go around :)