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Early Mornings


The sun has not yet penetrated the dark of the land when I hear the door knob turn back and forth. Soon, a barely visible, tousle-haired girl stands by my side of the bed, blanket in hand, ready to climb up and steal my pillow. She lays between us in the bed for the next half-hour or so. Sometimes still enough that she seems to be sleeping, other times peering at our eyes, patting our cheeks, and kicking one or the other of us, keeping all of us sucessfully from sleep.
It was only over Christmas that my daugher perfected this door opening technique. Before then, I could know with certainy that she'd stay in her room in the morning until one of us retrieved her.
But I have to admit that I secretly enjoy these early morning snuggles. She's never really been interested in snuggling with us in bed before. She's always been too busy. Even as a baby she was never a fan of co-sleeping.
Early mornings are often when life seems more in focus. I feel my famly surrounding me, yes, even the littlest one kicking me inside my womb, and I know what’s important in this life. I know how truly blessed I am.
I whisper a prayer over those I love. A prayer of protection for my husband, daughter, and one more to come.  Already he or she seems to sense that this is family time. That this is a time when we’re all still, all connected, all in tune, before the crazy day begins.
As I lay there, an old hymn starts in my head.

In the morning, when I rise/ In the morning, when I rise/ In the morning, when I rise/ Give me Jesus (“Give Me Jesus” by Fernando Ortega).

And what better way is there to be reminded of Jesus then this? Family, Love, Togetherness. The very things that sometimes drive me crazy, in these early morning moments remind me about what this life is all about.

Sometimes it’s wonderful to simply stop and soak up the beauty of it all.

To soak up the moments that will pass by so quickly.

To just....  be.