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 It started when my daughter was an infant. We were home alone, trying to fill the many hours of the day. Mommy-hood was still a brand new concept to me. The hours were long, days and nights had little meaning. I was starving for companionship, to be able to talk to someone who could actually talk back, ha!

And so, I started imagining. I started dreaming up a children's story, a series actually. Although my tiny daughter couldn’t understand, I dreamed up some stories about her and the adventures she'd one day go on. It certainly helped to fill the hours. But I never wrote the ideas down.

Years passed. The tiny thing who needed neck support and ate every two to three hours now runs from sun up to sun down, filling her days with laughter and life and fun. There is even less time to write now than there was when she was brand new. The stories still weren't written. And the dreams were starting to die. I searched on the internet, and found someone who had already written some children's books by the same title. I continued to doubt my own abilities. I stalled. I filled my days with other things, so that I wouldn’t have to think about what I was avoiding.

And then, my husband encouraged me. He helped me set aside time to write, and told me to write my dreams down. He encouraged me to develop that creative bent to my soul. To no longer ignore a part of who God created me to be.

Because God has given each of us specific gifts, gifts that make us individuals and a part of the body of Christ (See 1 Corinthians 12).  These gifts are intentional and not something to be ignored. The Apostle Paul writes that, "God has placed each one of the parts in one body just as He wanted" (12:18, HCSB). Did you catch that? Just as He wanted. Anytime I start to doubt my gifts, my calling, I'm reminded by verses, such as this, how intentional God is. Nothing is by accident. He has created me with gifts and talents for intentional reasons. And so I strive my best to use those gifts. To not be overly fearful of the way He's made me. And to bring Glory to Him in all that I do.

And so, I'm starting to write. I honestly don't know where I will go. If these stories will ever see a printed page. But it's a start. It's a bit of a leap of faith. It's a new beginning.

Will you pray for me, as I navigate new waters? As I try writing in an entirely new way? I'll certainly need it.

And, as always, let me know how I can pray for you. You all maybe part of a digital world, but I care for all of you, and pray for you whenever my "pen" hits a page.

God bless, my friends.