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On my bookshelf lately...


"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones" (Proverbs 16:24, NIV).

Unglued, by Lysa Terkeurst, has truly been hitting some nerves with me (in a good way!). It speaks to the rawest moments in my life, the times i lose my cool with my daughter, my friends, my husband, and even that poor check-out girl at the grocery store. Terkeurst encourages us to come up with a game plan when we get into those tough places, so that God can shine more readily in our lives.

Unglued is the perfect phrase for how I've felt these past couple of weeks. My temper feels so short, my feelings so easily hurt, my words so quick and so cutting. Why do I feel so unglued? I don't precisely know. I could blame it on this person, or that situation, or a combination of everything at once, but that doesn't really seem to solve anything. I'm pretty sure what I need is a heart change. A reminder of where my focus should be.

My focus shouldn't be on that person or situation that has already wrecked my day, 10 minutes after I got out of bed. No, my focus should be up above, on Jesus, today and everyday.

One thing I've been consciously trying to change is my prayer/devo time. For months now I've wavered back and forth, sometimes being consistent, sometimes leaving it in the dust. I've been trying lately to set my alarm a little bit early. Sometimes I snooze, so I only have 5 minutes, other days I have 20 minutes, but the outcome is the same: a few early morning minutes with my Savior. That time in prayer and devotion has honestly helped. It's helping me to think about my words a bit more, and my reactions to those around me.

I'm looking forward to finishing TerKeurst's book over the next few days, and seeing what else she's had to say. I've been reading her blog for several years now, and really enjoy it. This partial-review of her book is my own initiative. I was not asked to do it and will not be compensated in any way. But if you get a chance, hop on over to to check out this great book, there's some helpful resources on the website as well, including a short quiz you can take.


Do you ever feel unglued? Where do you turn when you feel this way? What do you do?