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The afternoon was hot. We’d finally gotten some much-needed rain, but with that rain came weeds, plenty of them. It’s funny how the good often comes with the bad!

I was out in our backyard, pulling at the stubborn weeds, when I remembered something my mom used to say: “weeds are only flowers that started growing in the wrong place.”

And many times, she was right. We’d pull daisies out of the herb garden, pull green onions out from among the tomatoes.  At times, they would truly be flowers that unfortunately landed in the wrong territory. The flower, in and of itself wasn’t bad, it was just growing in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

As it is with life. There are things I’m involved in, things that consume my time. These things could be good, Bible studies, dates with friends, reading a book, but they may be distracting me from more important things such as my devotional life and my family.

The weeds may seem like beautiful things, but if they’re stealing life, stealing water and nutrients from other plants, are they really that? Are they really good, or do they just masquerade as such?


As I kept pulling weeds on that afternoon, I started prioritizing. I started look seriously at the things around me and praying for discernment. Over-commitment creeps up so stealthy. I often think I’m doing good, but, before I know it, I’m involved in way to many things.

And so, some weeding has to begin. This weeding starts within, as it prays and searches for the distractions that don't belong. 

My heart is still focused on the book of Galatians this week. The Galatians were a people who let too many weeds creep into their lives, to the point that they were bitterly deceived. Oh how I don't want that for myself. And so, I turn to the fruit of the spirit for help. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith and self-control leave little room for weeds. If I'm truly at peace, and truly using self-control, I wouldn't be so over-tasked, would I?

Do you have any advice for an over-tasked girl? How do you weed, when your life has become too full? Are there any verses you turn too?