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Quiet Moments


This evening is is quite one, something I'm not used to. I have every intention of making good use of the time, but I'm tempted to just lounge around, doing absolutely nothing, ha!

In many ways, the quiet intimidates me. Because when it's quiet, I have time to think, to evaluate, to ponder.

Friendships have been on my mind and heart as of late.

Lord, what am I doing wrong, my heart prays?

How can I be a better friend?

Where have I succeeded and where have I failed.

Friendships, like anything in this life, are hard work.

They don't always come easy.

But I've been surprised at the times when I've jumped out of my comfort zone, and God has placed someone unique in my life.

Sometimes I question this place that I'm in.

This place of having many friends, but few kindred spirits.

This place of being trapped between two sides of a continent, and longing for those friendships that are far away.

It's tough being stuck in the middle.

But perhaps, that just means that this is a season of prayer.

A season of development.

A season of fostering and developing new friendships.

Not to replace the old, no, to rejoice in the here and now.

For these new friends are the ones experiencing life with me.

They are the ones that will remember my daughter as a toddler.

One day, I will probably look back and miss the days of friendship here.

Because every friendship has its beginnings.


These thoughts of friendship are where my heart lies today. What lies in your heart? What may God be speaking to you?