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A Father's Love


I was sweeping the kitchen floor this evening when I heard it: pure, unbridled laughter. Laughter so hard that it sounded almost painful. Laughter that can only come from a little girl with her father.

That laughter is what makes it all worth it.

The long months of a deployment evaporate as I stand there, a smile on my face, my heart completely full. We're doing something right.

I had wondered, at times, if this separation would be hard on my little one. If she'd still share that special bond with her papa.

But it didn't take long for them to pick things up again.

Yes, there were some adjustments to be made.

But the love was still there.

The love that started the moment she was first placed in his arms on that hazy hospital morning.

The love that started there, that continued through long nights, family trips, holidays, a first birthday and months of video chatting from far away.

No, it didn't take our girl long to start laughing with her Father again.

To re-forge that bond they had so tightly formed.

And that, my friends, makes my heart feel full.

That is why this post is a bit on the rambling, sappy side.

Because my heart can't help but be full to overfilling this evening.

Another day I'll post about the harder side of re-unions. The struggles. The frustrations.

But for today, I'll focus on the love.

The love of a father and his daughter.



Have you experienced the love of your Father up above lately? When was the last time you truly laughed? When did you last experience unbridled joy?